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Our services add many dimensions of value to our clients’ projects, missions, and agendas, while helping them to strengthen their businesses and their bottom lines.

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Community Heritage Partners

Our Story

We base our work on a fundamental belief, drawn from years of study and experience, that there is something special about almost everywhere. This leads us to the conviction that with the right approach to design, almost every place can become someplace special.

The Work We Do

Community Heritage Partners uses architecture, planning, urban design, historic preservation, and real estate strategies to develop innovative design solutions and find new active uses for under-utilized properties and older buildings.

Architectural Projects

Our expertise applies to a wide variety of architectural and design projects. Our specialties include civic and cultural design, museums and historical sites, religious design and residential design.

West King: Past & Future

West King Street: Past and Future is a community improvement project initiative of Community Heritage Partners and Community First Fund, supported by individuals, businesses, organizations, and a Planning Assistance Grant awarded by the PA Historical and Museum Commission.

Eugene Aleci

Conversation with Eugene Aleci, Firm President & Director of Design

For Rent: Life of the Independent Shopkeeper in Creating Place and Economy

There was a time when every single storefront in America was owned and operated by a cottage industry that hung its shingle to do business and offered a specialty service. […]

Are Tradespeople the Canary in the Cultural Coal Mine?

Thanks to Rudy Christian, Christian and Son, Inc. for these thoughts.
Since my last blog I have had quite a few conversations with friends and acquaintances about the economics of trades education. […]

Now Available For Lease:

213 Store Front

Commercial space suitable for a grocery store, café or other commercial use in now available in our historic building and storefront at 213 West King Street, Lancaster, PA.

For more information check out the full add on our real estate page.

214 West Grant Street, Lancaster, PA 17603