Central Market Design Standards – Lancaster, PA

Lancaster’s Central Market is the oldest continuously operating public marketplace in the United States.  Through a succession of market houses and marketplace expansions over the course of nearly three centuries, the site remains the foundation of the city’s economic and cultural vitality.  The present-day market house was erected in 1889, and stands today as perhaps the city’s most distinguished and beloved landmark.

Community Heritage Partners completed a comprehensive Design Standards and Maintenance Recommendations Report as part of a collaborative team of architectural and historical consultants selected by the Friends of Central Market and the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.  Through in-depth archival research and site documentation, we identified and articulated the market’s character-defining architectural and cultural features and developed a decision-making framework designed to ensure their preservation during current and future rehabilitation campaigns.

The resulting planning guide, Lancaster Central Market: Assessments, Guidelines, and Recommendations for Preservation and Development, received the Lancaster County Planning Commission’s 2012 Leadership Achievement Award for Historic Resources and subsequent work on the Central Market received Preservation Pennsylvania’s 2011 statewide award for construction. The planning guide also received the American Planning Association’s 2013 National Planning Excellence Award for Urban Design.

Introduction & Executive Summary

Part One: Identification of the Resource

Part Three: Design Assessments and Recommendations

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