West King: Past and Future

A project initiated by Community Heritage Partners and Community First Fund with support from individuals, organizations, businesses, and a Planning Assistance Grant awarded by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

This study is uncovering the full potential of the West King Street district by rediscovering the history behind this forgotten neighborhood, documenting and assembling current physical configuration and ownership information, and proposing potential new uses, improvements, and reinvestment strategies that will build a revitalized and sustainable community. Using urban planning, historic preservation, and architectural techniques, Community Heritage Partners is suggesting how the West King area can be revitalized through intentional design and development

Next steps include launching a new website for the district to publicize the challenges and opportunities our study has uncovered and assembling a community advisory board and working committee. This working committee will consist of district property owners and tenants and will work to advocate for district improvements as a key step toward ensuring the continuing expansion of the central downtown’s redeveloping prosperity and the city overall.



Planning Assistance Grant – Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission