Stevens-Smith on African-American Heritage Tours

Stevens-Smith on African-American Heritage Tours

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Our Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Hamilton Smith Historic Site (nearly demolished 12 years ago as the convention center was being planned) is now featured in “Central Penn Parent” as a focal point in the walking tours of African-American heritage sites.  Read more about the tours here.

Offered in Lancaster for the third year this summer, tours are conducted on the first Saturday of the month through October. And in case you missed it, you can also read more about our work on this intriguing historic site in a previous blog post.

Our project planning, architectural design, historical research and preservation-oriented urban development can often lead to larger community benefits.  Regenerating the urban fabric, increasing community awareness of local heritage, strengthening property values, rebuilding meaningful places where history was made, can all contribute to a stabilizing city, and a growing awareness of Lancaster’s deep urban authenticity.  Not a storybook or video recreation, but an actual historic place where real American history was played out by real people, who lived here and walked these same streets, and who, with their vision and perseverance, changed the future of our nation.



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